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Inspiration Stage

Inspiration Stage

Dreaming and Planning

You’re thinking about starting a business, but you don’t know where to start! Check out these resources & tools to inspire, motivate, and build the foundation you need to start your business journey.

Resources & Tools

Annuity Financial Literacy Guide
One of the biggest challenges for starting your own business is finding the money to start! Annuity.org offers a great basic guide for financial literacy to help you manage your money. Use this site t...
BPlans Business Plan Guide
A business plan can help you figure out how your business is going to work and what steps you need to take for success. A simple business plan might be all you need, but a more formal business plan is...
Career Girls
CareerGirls.org is a video-based career exploration tool for girls, with an emphasis on STEM careers. The mission of Career Girls is for all girls to reach their full potential and discover their own ...
Community Development Financial Institution Finder
Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) provide different types of financing and capital to community businesses, including small businesses, microenterprises, nonprofit organizations, co...
Cognitive Bias Infographic
When planning your business and thinking about the risks you want to take, your brain might take shortcuts that you aren’t fully aware of! These shortcuts are called “cognitive bias,”...
Find a Local Women’s Business Center
Are you looking for a one-stop center for your business needs (besides werc space of course!)? If you’re looking for a physical training center, a place to make connections, and access more reso...
Hello Alice
Hello Alice is an online platform that uses AI technology to curate tools, resources, events and opportunities based on your type and stage of business. Sign up for free to get access to funding oppor...
Nolo Business Formation Guide
Are you looking for legal information about forming your business? Nolo is a website that provides do-it-yourself legal information on a variety of subjects. Some Nolo products and books do have a fe...
Lioness Magazine Resource Guide
Lioness Magazine is a monthly digital publication for women entrepreneurs, with articles ranging in topics from innovation and business growth to inspiring profiles. Check out their free guide for fem...
Small Business Administration (SBA)
The Small Business Administration is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. They offer business guides to plan, launch, and manage your business as well as links to local resources. Use SBA to f...
The Balance Small Business
The Balance Small Business is an online library of over 7,000 articles related to launching and managing your own business. Explore topics such as creating a business plan, taxes and accounting, and b...

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