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Self Care

Being a woman in business can be tough: there are long hours, emotional ups and downs, and sometimes it can be isolating. It’s important to remember self-care (and collective care!) so you don’t neglect *you* as you build your business. Check out these suggested resources and tools to support your self-care practice.

Resources & Tools

Interactive Self Care Guide

Need to check in on your self care? This interactive self care guide will walk you through a set of simple steps to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself. You can use this guide at any point during the day: when you wake up, after a difficult day, or in between.

Self Care Starter Kit

University of Buffalo offers this “Self Care Starter Kit” that provides guidance and practical tools to establish a self care routine.


Feministing is an online community run by and for young feminists. They offer resources and articles about feminism, self-care, and a range of other topics.

Career Girls Video: Tips for Resilience

“Tips for Resilience” is a video featuring Amie Vaccaro from our partner Career Girls. 

Career Girls Video: How to Cultivate Resilience

“How to Cultivate Resilience” is a video featuring Katherine Hays from our partner, Career Girls.

Career Girls Video: It’s OK to be Vulnerable

“It’s OK to be Vulnerable” is a video featuring Ritu Mathur from our partner Career Girls. 

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