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If your business is selling a product or a service, you'll need some help to get organized. Check out our list of curated tools and resources to help you keep track of your sales, accept payments, and more.

Resources & Tools


If you are selling a product or service and need a way to accept payments in person, check out EMSplus. EMSplus is a service that allows you to accept payments via credit card on your phone or other devices. It also enables you to send invoices for payments. There are no monthly fees but there is a small transaction fee every time you accept a payment.


Paypal enables you to accept and make payments online. They offer a variety of ways to collect money, including through mobile card readers. They have a version that is free as well as an option with more features that costs $30 a month.


Is your business selling products or services? Are you looking to set up an online store? Shopify is helpful if you are selling items online, either through an online store, Facebook, Amazon, or elsewhere. The service helps you set up an online store, track sales, manage inventory, create invoices, and more. A basic plan starts at $29 per month, and a lite plan starts at $9 per month.

Google Business

Google Business offers a free way to manage the online presence of your business across Google. You can register and list your business on Google Maps and Google’s platforms to help potential customers find you more easily.


Squarespace allows you to build a website for your business and offers easy to use website templates. You can set up a blog or an online store using Squarespace. Squarespace offers multiple plans that vary in cost, but a personal site costs $12 per month for a basic website (plus the cost of buying a domain, which is your website address). For businesses that include online transactions, the cost is $26/month.


Square allows you to accept credit cards payments on your phone or mobile device. They also have an app that allows you to see a dashboard of your transactions, so you can see sales reports in real time. There is no cost to sign up, but there is a small transaction fee.

You Can Book Me

You Can Book Me generates a link that others can use to book a free spot on your calendar, so you save time on arranging meetings on email. There is a free option, as well as a paid version (10$/month) with more features.


Do your customers need to book appointments with you? Are you looking for an easy way to manage your calendar? There are a few websites that can help you keep track of client appointments, including Calendly. Calendly generates a link that your customers can use to book a free spot on your calendar, so you save time on arranging meetings through email. There is a free option with basic features, as well as a paid version starting at $8/month.

Learn more about Calendly and make managing appointments easier by clicking the link below.

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