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Registration & Certification

When you build your small business, you will have to figure out how to register, license and certify the work you plan to do. There are services that offer help with registration and licensing for a fee, but remember that you can save some money by registering your business by yourself. Contact the Secretary of State's office for your state to find out about registration requirements. It’s important to make sure you do these things correctly, or you could face fees and lawsuits down the line. There are lots of good resources that can help. Check out our suggestions!

Resources & Tools

Nolo Business Formation Guide

Are you looking for legal information about forming your business? Nolo is a website that provides do-it-yourself legal information on a variety of subjects. Some Nolo products and books do have a fee but check with your local library to see if they have copies of Nolo’s do-it-yourself legal guides. Nolo offers free information and guides on forming and registering your business, including information for your state. If you’re looking for information about making your business official legally, check out the Nolo business formation guide. 

Check out their free guide for business formation and registration by using the link below.

Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom offers legal templates that you need to start or grow your business. Their templates are organized by the forms you will need to start or manage a business, including forms for tax, registration, and establishing your business. They do not offer a free service, and the price varies by template, so be sure to buy only those that you need.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Small Business Administration is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. They offer business guides to plan, launch, and manage your business as well as links to local resources. Use SBA to find out about licensing your business, find funding, connect to a business counselor, and much more. También tienen recursos en Español.

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