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Networking & Mentoring

Building a strong network can help you grow your business and your community of support. One way of doing that is by signing up for a werc space profile. Another way is to check out these suggested resources and tools. Find mentors, networking platforms, tips and tricks to build your networking confidence, and other ways to build your business community.

Resources & Tools


Girlboss is an online platform and community for ambitious women. If you are looking to connect with other entrepreneurs, career pros, side-hustlers, freelancers, and gig-economy workers to ask questions and exchange ideas, Girlboss is for you. Get started by creating and building your profile and then start connecting! Girlboss also offers a grant through the Girlboss Foundation.

Get started with Girlboss by clicking the link below.

Mentoring Her

Mentoring Her is an online mentoring community for women. Find and connect with other women to help inspire, guide, and mentor you. It’s easy to sign up with your email, LinkedIn or Facebook profile and complete a short application. Mentoring Her will send you a link to complete your profile and start connecting with potential mentors!

Learn more by following the link below.


BusinessAdvising.org is an online small business advising and mentoring platform by Pacific Community Ventures. BusinessAdvising matches you with a business coach or a mentor to provide you with tailored, hands-on advising. It is completely free to join, and the platform allows you to connect with a business mentor, no matter where you live.

Start connecting with mentors to help you grow your business by clicking the link below.

Career Girls Video: Building Your Network

“Building Your Network” is a video featuring Virginia Klausmeier from our partner, Career Girls.


Thriving entrepreneurs often say mentoring was an important part of their success. Micromentor is a free mentorship matching website, where you can find a business mentor or become a mentor for another entrepreneur. It’s easy to sign up and add a professional profile photo and descriptions of yourself and your business to stand out. Search for mentors that have the experience you’re looking for and send a message introducing yourself, your business, and start a conversation!

Start using Micromentor by clicking the link below.


Find a Local Women’s Business Center

Are you looking for a one-stop center for your business needs (besides werc space of course!)? If you’re looking for a physical training center, a place to make connections, and access more resources for your business, a Women’s Business Center is the place for you. Women’s Business Centers help women succeed in business by providing training, mentoring, business development, and financing opportunities. The Association of Women’s Business Centers provides this free member directory to help you find a Women’s Business Center near you. 

Find a Women’s Business Center near you by clicking the link below.


SCORE provides you free business mentoring and advice. They also offer educational webinars, courses on demand, and a library of resources with guides and helpful articles. Find a local SCORE office or use the numerous resources available on their website by checking out the link below.

Hello Alice

Hello Alice is an online platform that uses AI technology to curate tools, resources, events and opportunities based on your type and stage of business. Sign up for free to get access to funding opportunities, guides, and a community of other entrepreneurs. Hello Alice also offers the opportunity to apply for a $10,000 grant and virtual mentorship.

Learn more about Hello Alice by clicking the link below.

Heroikka is a community of women around the globe who collaborate with each other to achieve positive change. Heroikka matches women who share their skills with woman-led projects. You can sign up to find help for your projects or small business, get inspired, learn new skills, and connect with others.
Career Girls Video: Developing My Network

“Developing My Network” is a video featuring Stacy Shuker Reece, Ph.D from our partner, Career Girls.

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