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Pastoralist Child Foundation

Glen Ridge, NJ


Pastoralist Child Foundation is a 501C3 registered nonprofit organization based in Glen Ridge, NJ.  Sayydah Garrett, Founder & President learned about harmful tribal practices while on a solo safari to Kenya in August, 2012. Her dream was to see elephants in their natural habitat. While in Samburu, Sayydah visited a Maasai village and was fascinated by the beautiful, hospitable people who live in huts without running water or electricity. “Pastoralists” are semi-nomadic people whose livelihood is dependent upon the herding of cattle, goats, sheep, and camels. When she returned to her lodge in Samburu National Reserve, the restaurant captain told her that she had visited his village. He talked about 2 harmful practices that 97% of all girls and women experience - female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced early marriage. He said, “We must eradicate these 2 vices in our community. I have seen so much suffering. Girls are dropping out of primary school and living unhealthy and unhappy lives. I want to stop this practice before it’s my youngest sister’s turn to get cut. I want our girls to go to school and get an education.” When Samuel expressed his wish to start a community based organization to educate his community about the harmful effects of FGM and child marriage, and promote the importance of education, Sayydah offered to help. She has many years of nonprofit experience as a certified grant writer and fundraiser. Samuel was ecstatic! He pointed at Sayydah and exclaimed, “Great! YOU will be our President,” and Sayydah said, “OK!” Pastoralist Child Foundation was founded by 2 complete strangers who had only met the day before. So, Sayydah did see many elephants and returned home to New Jersey with a promise to help improve the lives of girls and women in Kenya.    

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51 Clark Street

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Phone: 973-980-7860

Email: SayydahG@yahoo.com