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COVID-19 Resources

Resources, tools and support to help your business during COVID-19

werc space realizes our community may be struggling during this complicated time. In order to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community, we will be compiling resources for small business owners here to help you navigate owning a business during COVID-19.

Please check back frequently for updated information (last updated 10/29/20).

Preparing Your Business

General Resources

Financial Resources

*Many resources previously listed have closed applications. We are auditing these resources and removing any expired grants/loans.

Products and Software Resources:

Mutual Aid Resources*:

Other Resources:

Below is a map of business resources, including financial assistance, toolkits, and general information for regions/states. We are continually auditing these resources and attempting to find new sources of financial assistance as the pandemic continues and states move into various phases of reopening. We recommend contacting the resource to learn more and see if you qualify for assistance.

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*Mutual aid resources are often organized by local community members. We have compiled here resources to help you connect to these groups, but we cannot vouch for or verify any individuals or networks. Please exercise all necessary judgment when interacting with community members not previously known to you.