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Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

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“Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change” aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development. The course will help you increase self-knowledge about your own values and vision, as well as enhance your capabilities as a leader, manager, and team contributor.

We recommend this course if you’re interested in learning about the current landscape of women in leadership positions and strengthening your skills and tools as a leader.

This course covers:

  • Developing your leadership identity
  • The current state of women’s leadership
  • Women’s leadership presence
  • Leadership tools for women

“Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change” takes a total of 8 hours to complete at your pace. This course is offered by Case Western Reserve University through Coursera, an online educational platform that gives you access to hundreds of free college-level courses. The course is free to audit or you can pay extra for a certificate of completion.

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