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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Free

Google offers a variety of online courses through its Digital Garage platform. Courses are self-paced, completely online and some include certification for course completion. The free “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification includes 26 modules, totaling 40 hours, which will lead you through all aspects of digital marketing. Modules include videos and quizzes to help with your learning.

We recommend this certification if you are new to marketing your business and want to learn about building your online presence.

The course covers:

  • Taking your business online
  • Building your web presence
  • Making it easy for people to find your business on the web
  • Reaching more people locally, on social media or on mobile
  • Reach more customers through advertising
  • Tracking and measuring web traffic
  • Selling your product or service

To enroll in the course you’ll need to sign up for Google Digital Garage. The process is simple and gives you access to this certification, plus other courses. Start learning about digital marketing by clicking the link below.

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