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Customer Segmentation and Prospecting

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“Customer Segmentation and Prospecting” is a beginner course to learn how to become a high-performer in sales. The course will take you through how to create a target audience, having a sales conversation, prospecting new clients, and more.

We recommend this course if your business includes selling a product or service.

This course covers:

  • Foundational frameworks of customer segmentation and prospecting
  • Getting ready to make contact with your target market
  • Having sales conversations
  • What to do if someone ends up NOT being a prospect

“Customer Segmentation and Prospecting” takes a total of 12 hours to complete at your pace and is part of a specialization entitled “The Art of Sales: Mastering The Selling Process“. This course is offered by Northwestern University through Coursera, an online educational platform that gives you access to hundreds of free college-level courses.

The course comes with a certificate if you pay the fee, or click “audit this course” when enrolling. Click the link below to learn more and start learning about customer segmentation and prospecting.

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