A Women's Funding Network Initiative

About werc space

werc space is an inclusive, feminist space for women* who get things done. We offer curated resources, tools, connections, & community for women* who want to start or grow a business.

Getting by is not good enough.


werc space is a Women’s Funding Network (WFN) initiative. WFN is the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to gender equity for women and girls with over 100 women’s foundations and gender equity funders engaged. Economic justice is a priority for most members in our network, especially those who focus on funding or supporting women’s entrepreneurship. We see sustainable business ownership as one way for women to achieve economic security and equality.

werc space was created for women* who might experience hurdles to starting or growing a business, because of their gender, income, race, or other identifier. werc space offers curated tools and resources, community and opportunities with a feminist perspective. We believe in supporting women in recognizing  and leveraging their own existing expertise, and in seeing their businesses as one part of their holistic lives. Our site is created for and by women, with conscious, feminist approaches to business, and is based on each individual’s personal starting point and definition of success.



werc space is dedicated to our colleague Deborah Holmes who was a tireless advocate for racial, gender, and social equity and whose passion, creativity and talent led to the development of this site. Deborah will be sorely missed but her legacy lives on through each of us.

Women talking at the Women Funded 2017 conference

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