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5 Reasons You Should Start a Business With Your Best Friend

How many times have you found yourself talking to your best friend on the phone about a crazy boss, a demanding client, a project you want to do, or a business you want to start? Can we be transparent with you and keep it one hundred percent real right now?  We’re best friends d’Arquoia “Quoia” Connor  and Artisha “Tish” Cooper  and we met over a decade ago in graduate school. 

We’re both multi hyphenated artists and entrepreneurs and we can’t tell you how many times we’ve  found ourselves on the phone with one another either crying our eyes out or so frustrated we wanted to scream because the truth is entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It’s filled with highs and lows, uncertainty, and quite frankly can be down right messy at times. Oh, but what a beautiful mess it can be! As artists and entrepreneurs we join the pioneers, trailblazers, and innovative individuals of our time who aren’t afraid to stand out and go against the grain. We carry our purpose in our hearts and it drives us. Always persevering to the tempo within. Can we let you in on a little secret? That best friend that you’re currently venting to could be the key to everything you want out of a business partnership and here’s five reasons why. 

We carry our purpose in our hearts and it drives us. Always persevering to the tempo within.”


Going into business by yourself can be very difficult. Self motivation is important but why not have someone by your side that can help you? Have you ever heard the expression “Many hands make light work?” Well that is absolutely true and two is better than one. We started our company J14 Publishing because we saw something unique in each other and we knew that it would contribute to having a company together. We created a motivational platform for kids called Motivation 4 Kidz that provides music, books, tools, guides, and resources centered around Social Emotional Learning to uplift and encourage young minds. J14 Publishing was birthed out of our passion for all things positive and creative.  As artists we both are extremely passionate about limitless creative expression and are obsessed with personal self development and positivity. As entrepreneurs and best friends we are committed to never letting each other give up on our dreams. We share responsibilities and leverage each other’s strengths for more productivity. Going into business with your best friend can provide the support you need to create and sustain a successful business with a strong foundation.  


When you share similar core values with your business partner you both believe in the same thing. You may have different approaches but you both are working towards a common goal. This can feed your ambition and affect your work ethic and performance. We are both very passionate about helping people. We began to see common themes in our friendship and individual professional endeavors and decided to implement that into J14 Publishing. We started our motivational podcast Two Legit to QT with Quoia and Tish to help artists and entrepreneurs by giving them tangible tools and resources to achieve their dreams and address issues that affect our community, artistry, and businesses. Going into business with your best friend allows you to pursue multiple endeavors that all align with your purpose, goals, and mission because you both want the same things. 


Starting a business takes a lot of time, money, and resources. You put everything into your business. It’s your baby and you will protect it at all cost. Finding partners and forming alliances with people you can trust is  essential to not only creating your business but sustaining it as well. Anyone can start a business but not everyone can keep and run a successful company with quality services or products. Why not create a professional alliance and partnership with the one person who has a proven track record for being loyal and trustworthy? Your best friend! We trust each other with everything which is why we started J14 Publishing. We trust tasks will be completed, sensitive information will be kept confidential, and we will advocate for each other when one of us isn’t present. Most importantly we trust the strength of our friendship and we trust one another with our ultimate vision which is to bring light and positivity to this world through limitless creativity. Rest assured, there’s no one in this world you can trust more in business than your best friend! 


Everyone has a light inside of them. Each and everyone of us has something unique and individual to give to the world. Finding your purpose and walking in truth takes courage. At the core of our friendship lies a deep rooted desire to help others connect with their purpose, visions, and dreams to execute these ideas to create a life that they desire. You are deserving of success, business partnerships, and relationships that allow you to not only live but thrive. As best friends we recognized the need for artists and entrepreneurs around us to obtain the tools and resources they needed to flourish. We also understood that we could have a greater impact together than alone.  Going into business with someone you support, trust, and share the same core values allows you the professional freedom to take more risks, accomplish more, transform, influence, and shape your industry for an ecosystem reflective and inclusive of all types of people and cultural groups having a greater impact. Together we have been able to be more intentional and produce a body of work, products, and services that ignite the ambition and creativity of others to influence and impact the world more positively. So, grab that best friend that you’ve been sleeping on. Wake up and let’s make this world a better place!

5. IT’S FUN 

Starting a business with your best friend is also fun! Let’s just be honest for a second. Remember, you are starting a business with someone who makes you laugh when you’re sad, turns up, and has fun with you just to celebrate life. This is not just your friend. This is your best friend. Business partners spend a lot of time with one another. Building a business takes a lot of time often requiring long hours of focused work. Why not spend the majority of your waking hours with the person you love spending time with the most. Your best friend! We love working together on various projects with J14 Publishing. We respect each other’s personal time and boundaries but it’s just so much fun to work on time consuming and confusing tasks with someone who we can laugh with during or afterward. We love how a business call can turn into a dance party or a difficult project can transform into a funny song. Success is great but it is so much sweeter when you can enjoy it with someone you love, respect, value, and like.  

Now that we’ve let you in on our little secret and the key to our success. Call or meet up with your best friend and turn happy hour into a brainstorming session versus a venting session. Start that business you’ve been thinking about for so long and strategize with your Bestie on how to begin your process. Starting our business has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Be brave, be bold, be free, shine your light, and let’s change this world one best friend at a time!

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